What’s so good about baseball season? Cheap tickets. Of all the mainstream professional sports, baseball sells the cheapest tickets. Many teams sell tickets for $5 to $15. Yes, they’re nosebleed seats, but you get so much more than a so-so seat. Your ticket inside can lead to exciting entertainment that’s sure to please the penny pincher in you 선릉야구장.

At Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida fans can buy a cheap ticket for about $13. Rays fans hit the Centerfield Brew House and enjoy a beer with many like-minded folks. There’s also a cigar bar at Tropicana Field where fans can have a smoke and watch the action. After select games, fans can stay late and enjoy a summer concert. Artists like 3 Doors Down, Ludacris, Pat Benetar, Smash Mouth, Flo Rida, Daughtry, the B52’s and Big and Rich all perform this season. You could walk out of Tropicana Field after having a few beers, grabbing a hot dog, taking in a bit of baseball and enjoying a concert for less than $50!

One dollar will get you in to Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia. Three hours before the game fans can buy $1 tickets from the box office. This is a favorite destination for the Atlanta college crowd who meets up at the Chop House inside Turner Field and enjoys a night out in a great venue for almost nothing. If you can’t get one of the super cheap $1 seats you have many other cheap options at “The Ted”. Upper Pavilion seats go for $6 and are almost always available. Stay late for Friday night games where you’ll get to enjoy a light show. The average costs of attending a Braves game are about $30 including a couple beers, a couple dogs and parking. Not a bad deal for a night out.

The Florida Marlins play at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. Fans can buy a seat in the “Fish Tank” section for $9. Enjoy the party atmosphere of Miami’s hot sun, warm breezes and Latin vibe on the cheap. A crazy Marlins promotion this year includes a chance to have a month of your mortgage or rent paid. Calling it the Marlins Mortgage Payout, on Saturday games the Marlins will award a lucky fan a check for up to $2500. On June 20th and September 26th the Marlins will give one fan at each game a check for up to $15,000 toward the principal on their mortgage or payoff a fan’s lease. Imagine paying $9 for a ticket and coming home with your rent paid?

A Cheap Trip to the Ball Park – MLB Baseball’s Summer Deals

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