No, no, no…I’m not talking about a tasty drumstick. I mean the make-up and design of bird legs. Bird legs and feet serve several functions and it often depends on the species of bird. For most birds, most of the bones are hollow. This is for flight purposes. A lighter bird makes for a quick take off 천안레깅스룸.

In some cases, the bird has solid breast bones to help keep them under water like Loons and other diving birds. (Do you notice how low they sit in the water?) These same birds need powerful legs to aid in take off as they run across the water to get airborne. When it comes to legs and feet, virtually all species of birds have solid bones and bones that are more dense. Birds need strong bones in their legs for the daily routines they are involved in.

Take a look at Raptors. A bird of prey can fly in excess of 100 miles and hour and slam into another bird in flight. Falcons have been recorded diving (stooping) at speeds of 220 MPH. Can you imagine hitting another object at that speed? Even if the other object is moving, it is still a jolt.

Osprey dive into the water feet first nailing a fish. Bald eagles snatch at the water to grab a fish without ripping a leg off or losing flight. Those are some strong legs and feet. What about an owl or hawk that may pounce on a rabbit, snake or squirrel as they slam into earth? And do it with a powerful bone breaking force. On the prey that is.

Can you imagine that collision? If you’ve ever been in an auto accident, or taken a serious fall, than you can just about imagine it. Just because the birds are smaller doesn’t mean the impact is any less for them. It’s not just the feet and sharp talons, but the legs must be strong or they would snap in several pieces on impact. Have you watched a ground feeding bird hop back and forth as it unearths a meal? What about the power of a woodpecker to stand their as it drills.

Nuthatches that need strong leg bones as it climbs upside down. Chickadees and Goldfinches that swing upside down and twirl around need strong legs too. Legs and feet that are so strong, they lock in position so perching and sleeping birds wont fall. Water fowl have webbed feet, but they need something powerful to propel those feet.

Bird Legs and Feet Must Be Powerful and Strong

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